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Explore the world of skin care and beauty from a cosmetic and corrective approach.

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With this trend-focused course, you will use beauty and design to become a nail architect.

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Be your own boss with this financially and emotionally-rewarding profession.

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Quality Education and Practical Experience

  • The Aesthetics Institute Difference

There are many distinguished features of an education at the Aesthetics Institute. Here are just a few of those features.

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  • Competency-Based

Competency-based is much more than just finishing a program quickly. Students are not only prepared for state exams, they are given the opportunity to become competent and respected professionals.

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  • Equipment-Supported

Most schools talk about the equipment used in the industry and perhaps have a short exposure to it at some point in the curriculum. At the Institute equipment use is a part of the student’s daily experience.

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  • Four-Fold Learning

Because everyone learns in different ways, the Institute provides learning in auditory, visual, practical, and social ways. Students benefit from small class sizes and more individualized attention from instructors.

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  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The Institute sends its instructors to conferences across the United States to always keep current on industry changes and trends. This ensures students receive an education that truly prepares them to thrive in today’s industry.

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  • Practical Application

Practical application of the theoretical skills are critical to developing proficiency in the area of study. These applications include treatments with modern equipment such as light therapy and laser.

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  • Spa Experience

Private treatments rooms and an portable dry sauna are just some of the features of the Institute that give you experience in a spa-like atmosphere. The medical aesthetics day spa, Lavish, gives students additional real-world experience.

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