• Cynthia Mendoza
    Cynthia MendozaPresident, CIDESCO Diplomat

    As the Founder of the Aesthetics 
Institute and with over 30 years of experience, she has brought a depth of education to the industry. “ When I was in school, there was no separate license for esthetics, it was just all one cosmetology license.  Our classes were very generalized and almost no information was given to us about different treatments.  I had to work really hard to find education and that is why our courses are so different.  People will just tell you that you will learn after school in the “real world” and that’s just not true for most people. Your education is a investment in yourself and your future and that is exactly how you need to approach it.”

    Mrs. Mendoza also holds the prestigious CIDESCO International Diploma along with being certified in Dr. Vodder’s Lymph Drainage and Hypnosis to name a few.

    In the past her resume includes guest lecturing for the dermatology department of Oregon Health Sciences University and also a regular columnist for a professional newsletter.

    • Monique Raab
      Monique RaabDIRECTOR, CIDESCO Diplomat
      L.E.I., L.F.I., L.N.I.

      Beginning her career over 17 years ago, Monique has dedicated her time to advanced education in medical esthetics and laser techniques.  Through out her career she has worked in Spa business development with a priority in educating staff of the industry trends and techniques, and because of this then decided to become an Instructor.  It has been her goal to promote the importance of education and its impact post graduation on career longevity.  “There should not be such a large gap between where school ends and professional work starts, the trends of the industry indicate that basic training is not enough anymore.  To become more desirable to employers and promote the entire esthetics community it is our responsibility to be educated in as many aspects of esthetics as possible and to continue to learn and improve to stay relevant”.

      Her passion for continued education is demonstrated through the many seminars she teaches and attends.

      Mrs. Raab is a graduate of the Aesthetics Institute along with being a CIDESCO Diplomat, She has been featured in the magazine Nails as the youngest nail technology license holder in the United States.

      • Raquel Schalck
        Raquel SchalckINSTRUCTOR, 


        Mrs. Schalck is a graduate of the Aesthetics Institute. She is a licensed Esthetician with advanced training in Medical Esthetics and certification in Laser/IPL, Lavish Lashes ®, and Norvell Spray-Tanning. Her service industry background is wide and varied, including entrepreneurial ventures.

        She entered the Esthetics industry because of her desire to learn more about her skin and to develop the ability to help others improve their skin. Mrs. Schalck very much enjoyed her time at the Institute, as she felt mentored rather than just instructed. She now finds satisfaction in helping mentor other students through the program as she was.

        Mrs. Schalck maintains a private practice where she sees clients regularly and also lectures at the Institute.  Her favorite aspects of the esthetics are Lash extensions and Medical Aesthetics.

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