It is not just a test, it is your career.

Competency-based programs are designed with you as their focus. When you have completed the theory of the program and proven through testing that you have a grasp of the skills required for the profession you can graduate and begin your career.

Competency-based training benefits the students in other ways:

  • Tailored to Your Life:  Although the program is not intended as a short-cut to licencing, it does allow you to advance based on how dedicated you are to your education.  It is advantageous for the single mother that needs to get back into the work-force and can dedicate herself to her studies.  It is great for those with related backgrounds to advance quicker through certain areas of the curriculum. The program allows you to advance through the theory at a pace that may be faster than in a non-competency-based program.
  • Held to a Higher Standard:  Because of the Institute’s focus on competency-based training, the esthetics and cosmetology industry expects more from our graduates because they recognize their greater proficiency.  To protect that reputation, we take great care within the competency based program to help our students become proficient professionals rather than just graduates of the school.
  • Self-Paced Learning: The format of the school provides a structure to help move you along toward graduation. However, it provides the flexibility to spend more time in areas that are more complicated or in which you would like additional proficiency.
  • Ability-Focused: In most hourly-based programs the curriculum is focused solely on passing tests. Competency-based training allows for the development of abilities so that you can pass all needed exams and feel confident as you move into the industry. Our graduates are ready from day one to work in any environment of their choice.
  • Specialization:  Because of its flexibility, the program allows the student to identify and gain additional experience in a specialized area of the Esthetics program.

Our Esthetics and Nail Technology programs are competency-based. The State of Oregon requires that the Electrology program is offered only as a 600-resident hour course.

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